McDonald’s strives to receive valuable comments and opinions from our valued customers. That is why they launched the McDVOICE survey to make changes to their services if necessary.


All you need to do is visit the official McDVOICE website at and give your honest opinion about your recent visit to McDonald’s. As a reward, you will receive a nice discount voucher after successfully completing the McDVOICE survey.

Take Survey or Get Support

McDVOICE Survey is an online customer satisfaction survey launched by McDonald’s. allows customers to provide feedback on the meals and services they received during their last visit to McDonald’s. The survey is loved by everyone in America.

Information About Survey

The McDVOICE survey benefits McDonald’s when it understands the needs and satisfaction of its customers. McDonald’s takes into account all comments received during the customer satisfaction survey. Therefore, the customer must be satisfied with the feedback.

However, McDonald’s does not need to be launched today. It is probably one of the most popular and well-known supermarket chains in the world. They have thousands of stores in almost every country. Many large companies participate in the McDVOICE customer satisfaction survey.

Steps To Complete The Survey

Before taking the McDVOICE survey, there are some basic steps you need to take. Look at these:

  • Visit the official website for this survey at using the browser of your choice.
  • Submit the survey code. You can find this lookup code on your last receipt.
  • A page will appear on the screen requesting certain information.
  • Submit details. The data requested are the date and time of the visit, the agency number, etc. You will find all this information on the last receipt.
  • You will now be redirected to the survey home page.
  • A questionnaire will appear on the screen. Make sure you answer all the questions correctly. Any response will have a direct impact on McDonald’s services.
  • After successfully completing this survey, you will receive a confirmation code to use the next time you visit McDonald’s.


Few Requirements And Rules Of Survey

There are some basic survey requirements that must be met in order to participate in the McDVOICE survey. Look at these:

  • You must be of legal age.
  • Valid proof of purchase from McDonald’s is required.
  • You must have the latest McDonald’s purchase receipt.
  • You must complete a McDVOICE survey within 30 days of your visit to McDonald’s.

If you don’t have a McDVOICE inquiry receipt, you can also use your order number. The winner’s bonus is not transferable under any circumstances.

What Is – McDonald’s Customer Survey?

The McDonald’s Opinion Poll at is a customer feedback program that McDonald’s offers to collect your feedback. The main reason you take the McDonald’s Customer. McDVOICE survey is to find out what customers think of your services and products.
McDonald’s customer service survey helps the chain collect real opinions and comments from its younger customers. Do customers like the service, the food, and the boutique or not? Are the staff and the atmosphere good or not? and many other statements.
Your valuable feedback from the survey will be used to make improvements and provide a better dining experience.

Survey Terms and Conditions To Be Followed

Take a few minutes to learn the terms before taking the survey. McDonald’s asks customers to meet these minimum requirements in order to complete the survey.

  • McDonald’s customers can complete up to 5 surveys per month per store.
  • You must redeem your discount code within 7 days of your survey; an extension is not expressly allowed.
  • Be a resident of the United States or Canada.
  • You must be at least 15 years old.
  • Valid receipts from the previous week must be used for registration.
  • You have not worked for McDonald’s in the past.
  • McDVOICE can suspend the coupon at any time without clarification.


McDVoice Customer Service:

Customer satisfaction is a very important part of McDonald’s service. To keep your products and services, food quality, and service quality up to date, take the survey to find out what your customers think. Your idea will be to get in touch or improve the service.
If you have recently visited the McDonald’s store. It offers its customers the possibility of completing a questionnaire on the support provided.
By donating a few minutes, you can help McDonald’s offer rewards and total customer satisfaction, as well as cashback, free burgers, coupons, and other rewards.

Why Should You Complete The McDVoice Survey?

McDonald’s always welcomes customer feedback on restaurant cleanliness, staff conduct, food quality, and ideas for new menu items. An easy way to collect this information at the national level is to compile the survey results.
As a customer, you are encouraged to complete and submit the McDonald Customer Satisfaction Survey with the promise of a free coupon.

What Do You Get When You Take The McDVOICE Survey?

Depending on the time of year and your location, completing the McDonalds survey will earn you a free quarter-pound voucher. Buy One Get Another (BOGO) with Cheese or Egg McMuffin. Customers can also enter the drawing, where they can win one of 10 gift cards valued at $ 25 each week or one of the monthly cash prizes of $ 100.

Online Research Portal

McDonald’s introduced this online review portal solely because of the excellent reviews and feedback from its valued customers. So that they try to satisfy the needs of the clients and meet their expectations in order to improve their customer service and solve the problems they face. Customers in the United States frequently visit McDVOICE to complain about all kinds of issues that McDonald’s management team is facing.
When the team finds out about problems and problems, the team tries to solve them as quickly as possible and without delay, which is why McDonald’s is loved and loved by everyone, not only in the United States but all over the world. From day one to today, customer service has been a top priority at McDonald’s.

About McDonald’s: McDonald’s Story

McDonald’s, one of the most popular and well-known fast-food chains in the United States, was founded in 1940 by Richard and Maurice McDonald. The journey began then and with its rapid growth, it is now one of the largest fast-food chains in the world with high-quality food.
McDonald’s is known around the world for its quality food and exceptional local customer service. Customer service is always a top priority at McDonald’s and they look forward to receiving valuable feedback and opinions from their valued customers.

The McDVOICE survey is one of the most important tools you can use to get direct feedback from your customers about their preferences and wishes, and the McDonald’s team is really working on it. By knowing about these issues and problems, McDonald’s ensures that the issue is resolved as soon as possible and that things get better for its valued customers.

This is one of the main reasons why McDonald’s is loved by people not only in the United States but all over the world. This survey is an important tool in attracting millions of people because their opinion is heard and, as a result, they favor McDonald’s over other fast-food chains.

McDonald’s has provided excellent service for decades. The McDVOICE survey is popular with people in the United States and Canada. McDonald’s just wants to be the best in the world. The survey is one of the most important and effective tools to be the best. The survey is an incredible effort by McDonald’s, so one of the most important things to McDonald’s is your honesty.

Any response to the survey questionnaire will have a serious impact on McDonald’s services. After successfully completing the McDVOICE survey, you will be able to enter the contest and receive free rewards in the form of meals and rebates.

Please note that the McDVOICE validation code is only valid for up to 30 days after completing this survey. Under no circumstances will you be able to validate your survey code after 1 month of participation.
By participating in the McDVOICE survey, you are making a significant contribution to improving McDonald’s customer service and menus. You will also receive a survey coupon code that can be used at any McDonald’s restaurant.

Official NameMcDVOICE
LanguageEnglish and Spanish
RewardsGift Voucher and Discount Coupons
CountryUnited States

Check Out Benefits Of Survey 

McDonald’s bought an innovative idea to keep growing with its valuable products. It is encouraging for McDonald’s services and provides them with new ideas and customer feedback regarding food service. Since the inception of the plan, research has opened up a new idea to improve and improvise new ideas and tastes for food.
It was the McDonald’s investigation that gave services a new ideology anytime, anywhere. Most exciting is the reward generated for customers who successfully complete the ht McDVOICE survey.
We guarantee customer satisfaction and always try to maintain the standard at a relatively high level. The McDonald’s Survey and Feedback Portal is for real customer feedback and rewards when the Customer Satisfaction Survey format is completed.
Since the development of McDonald’s, it has been considered one of the largest restaurant chains in the world. In the United States, it is like a daily gift to the people. McDVOICE is a new format that promises a new flavor that will surprise the palate of each customer. That is why we are accelerating the investigation process at Mcdonald’s. As part of the survey, customers will also be asked to post their McDonald’s dining experience online on the survey form page.

Rewards For Completing The Customer Survey

If you think that completing the McDVOICE customer survey is a complete waste of time, it is not. Your feedback helps the company improve food quality, service, restaurant cleanliness, and employee behavior.
McDonald’s is a company that does a lot for its customers and is also regularly updated. You keep adding new items to the menu. For McDonald’s to perform at its best, customers must complete its survey.
Customers who complete the survey not only help McDonald’s improve its service by completing the survey, they are also rewarded with a verification code that can be redeemed the next time they visit a restaurant.
Completing the survey will only take a fraction of your time and you will be rewarded for it. Your feedback on the survey will be used to improve restaurant service to consumers like you. The company receives your comments with the aim of improving the development of the company in all aspects and increasing customer satisfaction.
The primary goal of the McDonald’s survey is to keep customers satisfied with the service.

Below Given Are Survey Highlights

  • Any fraudulent activity related to the investigation, such as B. incorrect answers, abuse, etc., is strictly punishable.
  • Please note that searching on is only accessible to persons 18 years of age and older.
  • The survey code can only be used once. Any attempt to use it more than once will be considered invalid.
  • The survey code should only be used at McDonald’s. Third-party intervention is not expected.
  • You can complete the survey on the official website You have a unique opportunity to earn lucrative rewards by completing the McDonald’s survey.

McDVOICE Survey plays an important role as it serves as a communication platform for restaurant staff and customers. Feel free to leave negative feedback on this online survey if you encountered any issues during your last visit to McDonald’s. Peace!
Free McDVOICE Gift Cards:

There are several ways to get a free survey gift certificate if you pass the survey. Check it out below:

  • Mobile app: McDVOICE
  • Broadcast list
  • Any promotional event

How Do I Get McDonald’s Coupons?

You can get coupons in 2 ways: 1. Online mode 2. Offline mode

Survey Contact Details

If you have a problem with McDonald’s services or a McDonald’s request, you can always contact McDonald’s customer service with no further questions. Below you will find the contact details for this customer satisfaction survey:

  • McDonald’s Headquarters: 2111 McDonald’s Dr., Oak Brook, IL 60523
  • McDonald’s Customer Service Number: 1-800-244-6227 (7 AM to 7 PM)
  • McDonald’s email address: [email protected]
  • McDonald’s Official Website:

So of course you can complete this survey in seconds. Any comments in this survey will have a profound impact on McDonald’s services. Therefore, it is necessary that you answer honestly to each answer to this questionnaire.
Also, you cannot claim survey rewards until you redeem your survey code at a McDonald’s in the United States.

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